Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Two Dachshunds Playing Golf

Crusoe the Dachshund and his little brother Oakley go golfing at the Gatineau Golf Club. Crusoe scored a 72, while it seems like his brother probably fudged his score.

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Two Chefs?

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10 Mind-Blowing Theories About The Universe

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The universe is a vast and mysterious place. For centuries, people have looked out into space and tried to explain why we're here and where we came from. While it may take even more centuries before any of those questions are answered, it doesn't mean scientists don't have any theories.

Notice that these are just theories, so at times, some theories may not align with each other, or even contradict each other.


A CGI Animated short film. In beginning of the 20th century, two climbers carry a statue of the Virgin to the top of a mountain.

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Is It Going To Rain?

You walk out the door but you're not sure whether you are going to need your umbrella.
Visit 'Is It Going To Rain?' to find out. Type in your location and you'll now.

10 DIY Cleaning Hacks For Your Bathroom

Is your bathroom looking a little worse for wear? Are you haunted by the costs of industrial cleaners and their impact on your nails? Because Soakology has put together 10 DIY bathroom cleaning hacks to help you spruce up your bathroom with quick and easy solutions that'll leave your bathroom gleaming.

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Coming Home For Christmas

Throughout their 70 years, Heathrow Airport have specialised in reconnecting people with their loved ones, especially at this time of year, because coming home for Christmas is the best gift of all. Among the millions of seasonal passengers, there are some extra-special arrivals that have made it home in time for the big day.

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Dutch Treats: The Many Coffee Candies Of The Netherlands

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Observers of exports in European carbohydrate exotica will have noticed that the stroopwafel is now a specialty food staple. From Starbucks counters to Delta tray tables, from a cafe in Portland to a bakery in Brooklyn, that griddled disc of flour and syrup the Dutch have fashioned is within the masses' reach.

Not that the stroopwafel has jumped the shark. It remains an ideal match for coffee, as Sprudge reported years ago. But if you're looking to expand your repertoire, you should take note of these four quintessential Dutch delights, all of which are coffee-flavored.

Microwave Memories

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Do you remember when microwave ovens became standard fixtures in American homes of the 1970s? If you do, you may also recall how cookbooks of the era were filled with recipes for dishes that really had no business being cooked in a microwave oven. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear.

The Lighthouse

A lighthouse keeper's surprising discovery pulls him out of his monotonous, daily routine and takes him onto a journey into uncharted territory. Made up of over 14,000 photographs, The Lighthouse is a black and white stop motion short crafted by filmmaker Simon Scheiber over the course of 7 years.

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Family Photos From Around the World - Past And Present

During the holiday season, it's only natural to fall back into the comfortable traditions your family has been doing for decades. To celebrate families, tinyprints asked photographers around the world to recreate some of their favorite family photos and to reflect on what it meant to them.

There are photos of parents from when they were just dating or baby nephews who tower over their parents. Click and drag the slider on each photo to see the past and present photo.

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10 Of The Biggest Natural Disasters In Earth's History

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The Butterfly Effect principle simply states that, given enough time, whatever event, no matter how small, can and will have tremendous reverberations into the future. And when talking about past disasters we always have to keep in mind that, even though devastating, they are part of what brought us here in the first place.

We may try to speculate on how things would have turned out if any particular disaster from our past didn't happen, but the variables are so small and infinitely numerous, that we may never know the right answer. Take a look at 10 natural disasters from our past, and maybe later imagine how the world would have looked like without them.

Monday, 5 December 2016

The Girl And The Cloud

Last Christmas, Anna's Dad gave her the perfect surprise - her very own snow cloud. Anna and her little cloud went everywhere together. However, she soon learned that sometimes, the perfect surprise isn't the one you get... it's the one you give.

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10 Weird Fortune-Telling Methods From History

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Humans have always sought to unlock the mysteries of the future. Since the dawn of time, we have looked for signs and symbols in the world around us that might tell us our fortunes or help us avoid trouble. Here are 10 of the strangest items used for fortune-telling throughout history.

Why Do Men's Bikes Have A Horizontal Crossbar And Women's Usually Don't?

It would seem that having a slanted crossbar like on women's bikes would make much more sense for men's bikes, decreasing the chance of racking the guy if he slips off the pedals or the like. However, there is actually a really good reason to have a horizontal crossbar on a bike.

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Joshs' Story

Have you ever wondered if you could end up homeless? Josh hit rock bottom losing his family and career and this is the story of the struggle to regain his life. This movie is presented by SGCH, a not-for-profit organisation that offers housing and opportunities to people like Josh.

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How Tyres Work

Cars rely on four small contact patches on their tyres to provide traction through turns, accelerating and braking. People push their cars to the limit, driving in extreme conditions and the tyres need to be able to grip through whatever is thrown at them.

The inportance of having the right type of tyre for your usage is paramount to getting the most out of your vehicle.

Home Cleaning Hacks

A handy infographic, designed by Master Cleaners offering ten awesome cleaning hacks to help you clean your home faster. Learn about how to easily clean your chopping boards, how to clean your kitchen sponges, how to dust easily and quickly and more by viewing this infographic.