Friday, 28 October 2016

Hillary Clinton's Dance Moves

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres take a look back at a memorable moment from the second presidential debate.

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The Scariest Urban Legend From Every US State

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Wherever you live in the United States, every state has its own urban legend.

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Bird Cages

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How To Build An Aircraft Carrier

What does it take to make these giant floating cities? A lot of money and steel, that's for sure!

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10 Insanely Dangerous Places To Live

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When many people think of dangerous places, they often just think of nothing more than violent crime, and the cities where it occurs frequently. While some of these cities are quite dangerous, there are many other dangers one can live with.

Extreme weather, hostile wildlife, potentially fatal daily commutes, and other dangerous conditions are just some of the worst ways your day, or your life, can be ruined.

Can Science Save The Banana?

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The banana is the world's most popular fruit crop, with over 100 million metric tons produced annually in over 130 tropical and subtropical countries. Edible bananas are the result of a genetic accident in nature that created the seedless fruit we enjoy today.

Fungal diseases severely devastated the banana industry once in history and it could soon happen again if we do not resolve the cause of these problems. Plant scientists are working out the genetics of wild banana varieties and banana pathogens.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

How Halloween Pumpkins Are Grown

You've been duped: that 'pumpkin' puree in the can isn't pumpkin at all - at least not the kind you think!

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10 Amazing Artistic Works Lost To History

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Throughout history, the written word has been preserved on walls, scrolls, tablets, and anything else that might be etched or painted. While many great works have survived, far more have been lost throughout history. As historians piece together what we have, what we have lost becomes clearer.

The Salt Valley Of Añana

image credit: Jose Vazquez

Salado Valley, in the town of Añana, in northern Spain, is rich in salt but the terrain is unwieldy. This has lead to the development of some impressive structures consisting of staggered evaporation terraces, built with stone, wood and clay.

This exceptional saline landscape with its unique salt-related architecture, built to adapt to the complex topography of the site, is one of the most spectacular and best preserved cultural landscapes in Europe.

Mesta Fusion - Simultaneous Automatic Speed And Red Light Enforcement

The tight combination for safer roads. It integrates a non-intrusive multi-target tracking radar technology and a high resolution camera - the highest resolution on the market - performing perfectly well over multiple traffic lanes.

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Could You Stand The Rejection?

The National Autistic Society have released their latest video 'Could You Stand the Rejection?' It has been produced to help businesses understand autism and to encourage employers to look at a person's abilities, not their autism.

Employers don't see the abilities of autistic people. They see their autism. They see a problem. And that makes them quick to judge them. Simply because they don't understand them.

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The Castles Of Wales

Photochrom pictures shot in Wales at the end of the 19th century. They were originally published by the Detroit Publishing Company after being created by image-makers fascinated by the nation's castles and sweeping landscapes.

The result is a cross between a photograph and a painting that depicts famous Welsh castles and landscapes in a unique way. Like postcards, the photochroms feature subjects that appeal to travelers, including landscapes, architecture, street scenes, and daily life and culture.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

How Color Blind People See The World

It turns out that one out of every ten people on earth is color blind, and most of them do not even know it! How is that possible? It is actually quite simply: we cannot even imagine how people with eye disorders experience life. Learn how a color blind person sees the world and what the causes of color blindness are.

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Paronella Park: A Castle In The Tropical Jungle

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In an Australian tropical jungle, not many would suspect to see a man-made structure that is close to 80 years old. Yet close to the city of Cairns, you'll find Paronella Park. Completed in 1935, Paronella Park was built by Spanish businessman José Paronella, whose dream was to create and maintain a castle structure and luxurious gardens for the public to use.

The gardens especially are a marvel even today, with masses of stunning local flora and fauna in amongst the beautifully-crafted concrete structures.

Good Service

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10 Little-Known But Proven Secrets For Selling Your Home For The Most Money

This is an infographic by Coastal. If you're in the process of selling your home, you've likely been reading tips on how to maximize your asking price and sell your home as quickly as possible. While there is some decent advice out there, many sources don't give you anything unique to gain a competitive advantage.

HGTV recently put together a list of the 10 best-kept secrets for selling your home. There was some really good tips in there on how to sell your home fast and for the most money.

Marie Connolly Owens, America's First Female Police Officer

When women first began to enter the police force around the turn of the 20th century, they came in through the back door as social workers tasked with upholding laws protecting women and children.

Marie Owens (1853–1927) is believed to have been the first female police officer in the U.S., joining the Chicago Police Department in 1891, and retiring in 1923. Holding the rank of Sergeant, Owens enforced child labor and welfare laws. She was born in Canada as the daughter of Irish immigrants.